The rounded walls in the upstairs portion of our building is one of the many architectural attractions to see when you visit and take a tour of our building.  

Our building was built in 1888 as Boulder's first bank but it went broke in 1933 during The Great Depression.  It also housed a doctor and dentist office in the 2 front rooms upstairs and "The Boulder Age" newspaper in the back upstairs section.

In 1943 Wade V. Lewis, a mining engineer moved to Boulder and the building became the office for the Elkhorn Mining Company & The Free Enterprise Mine. This uranium radon health mine was the first mine of this type in the United states.

The building sat vacant for several years in the 1990's and fell into disrepair. In 2004 the owners thought they might need to tear it down when it was purchased and a non-profit organization formed to save it. This organizations dream came true in the Summer of 2009 when it opened its doors.

We also house the Jefferson Co. Genealogy Society Library.  We will be glad to answer queries about Jefferson County, MT

 We got where we are today because of local donations and support. Thank you so much and we hope you will continue to come and have FUN at one or all of our fundraisers.


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