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Nancy Alley

Pat Lewis

Jean Gilmer

1st Boulder Valley Bank

Jefferson County Genealogy Society

See and Save Shoppe

Lillian Dove

Edward Ryan Family

In Memory of Jack Louis Thiel

In Memory of Kathy Crumb Summers

Kim & Rusty Giulio

Laurie & Patty Vossler

Karen Davison & Steve Olson

In Memory of Olive Richardson Hagadone

Marilyn McCauley

In Memory of Mary Nelson

Patrick & Denise Grove

Rockin' the Rivers

Jacklynn & Jeanette Thiel

Kerrri Lyn Kumasaka

In Memory of Burt Nelson

In Memory of Donna Krause Bailey

Don & Helen Hoffman

Victor Von Gies & Florence Corwin

Betty Soll LaComb

In Memory of Kyle Patrick Grove

Jefferson County Metal Mine Grant

Ellen Rae Thiel

Jimmie Coleman Rogers     

Jack Wilson

In Memory of Eunice Nelson Pickens

In Memory of Ralph & Doris Gardner

Robert Owen

The Boulder Monitor

Jim and Charolette Sanddal

In Memory of Adele Gardner

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